ⓘ BadBadNotGood discography. Canadian instrumental jazz and hip-hop group BadBadNotGood have released five studio albums, including Sour Soul, a collaborative alb ..


ⓘ BadBadNotGood discography

Canadian instrumental jazz and hip-hop group BadBadNotGood have released five studio albums, including Sour Soul, a collaborative album with Ghostface Killah, and numerous singles. BBNG consists of Chester Hansen, Alexander Sowinski, Leland Whitty, and formerly Matthew Tavares. Collaborative since their origin, BBNG is well known for working with artists like Daniel Caesar, Kali Uchis, and Mick Jenkins, as well as more established hip hop acts like MF Doom and Wu-Tang Clan. In the producer role, BBNG often collaborates with fellow Canadian producers Frank Dukes and Kaytranada.


1. Albums

Live albums

  • BBNGLive 1 – self-released 2011
  • BBNGLive 2 – self-released 2012
  • Spotify Live EP – Innovative Leisure 2017

DJ mixes

  • DOOM Mix – Lex Records 2013
  • LateNightTales: BadBadNotGood – LateNightTales 2017

2. Singles

Non-album singles

  • "BBNGSingle" 2011
  • "Goodbye Blue" with Jonah Yano / "Glide Goodbye Blue Pt. 2" 2020
  • "Confessions, Pt. III" featuring Colin Stetson 2017
  • "Key to Love Is Understanding" featuring Jonah Yano 2019 The Majestics cover for Light In The Attic’s Cover Series
  • "Cant Leave the Night" / "Sustain" 2014
  • "Here & Now" / "Timewave Zero" 2016
  • "Velvet" / "Boogie No. 69" 2015

Promotional/album singles

  • "Time Moves Slow" featuring Samuel T. Herring 2016 from IV
  • "Six Degrees" featuring Danny Brown / "Tones Rap" from Sour Soul with Ghostface Killah 2014
  • "Hedron" 2013 from III
  • "Fall in Love" Slum Village cover 2011 from BBNG
  • "Up" 2016 bonus track from IV released as a single
  • "Flashing Lights" / "UWM" from BBNG2 2013
  • "CS60" 2014 from III
  • "In Your Eyes" featuring Charlotte Day Wilson 2016 from IV
  • "To You" Andy Shauf cover 2017 from LateNightTales

Collaborative singles and remixes

  • with Kaytranada: "Kaleidoscope 2017
  • with Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: "Shame BADBADNOTGOOD Remix" bonus track from III 2014
  • with Samuel T. Herring: "I Dont Know" 2017
  • with Little Dragon: "Tired" 2018
  • with Jonah Yano: "Nervous" 2019

3. Production discography

Selected discography


  • Idle Warship: "Get Your Way Sex Is a Weapon" from The Man with the Iron Fists produced with Frank Dukes
  • Wu-Tang Clan and Kool G Rap: "Rivers of Blood" from The Man with the Iron Fists produced with Frank Dukes


  • Earl Sweatshirt: "Hoarse" from Doris
  • JJ Doom: "Guvnor BadBadNotGood Version" from Key to the Kuffs Butter Edition
  • Danny Brown: "Float On" featuring Charli XCX from Old produced with Frank Dukes


  • Marvel Alexander: "Untitled" from Dont Die Yet
  • Daniel Caesar: "Paradise featuring BadBadNotGood and Sean Leon" from Pilgrimss Paradise
  • Kali Uchis: "Rush" from Por Vida produced with Kaytranada sampled


  • Kaytranda and Jaime Woon original artist: "Sharpness featuring BadBadNotGood and Kaytranada; samples "Lavender" from IV
  • Hus Kingpin: "Serotonin High" featuring Milano Constantine and DJ Q-Bert; samples "Speaking Gently" from IV
  • Little Simz: "Our Conversations Ft. BadBadNotGood" from Stillness in Wonderland
  • Flockey Ocscor: "BBNG X Flockey Ocscor;" samples "Cashmere" from IV


  • Mick Jenkins: "Smoking Song featuring BadBadNotGood"
  • Lou Phelps: "Miss Phatty" from 002:Love Me additional production credit
  • Thundercat: "King of the Hill" produced with Flying Lotus later part of 2020s It is What It Is
  • Mick Jenkins: "Padded Locks" featuring Ghostface Killah; samples "Speaking Gently" from IV
  • Charlotte Day Wilson: "Stone Woman" and "Doubt" from Stone Woman EP
  • Kali Uchis: "After the Storm" featuring Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins from Isolation
  • Khalid and Swae Lee: "The Ways" from Black Panther produced by Kendrick Lamar and Sounwave sampled


  • Shay Lia: "Blue" from Dangerous produced with Kaytranada

Other credits

  • Kaytranada: "Bullets" from 99.9% produced by Kaytranada and Little Dragon 2016; writing credit
  • Kaytranada and Tuxedo original artist: "The Right Time Kaytranada Rmx" 2015; drums
  • Kaytranada: "Puff Lah" and "Vex Oh" from Bubba 2019; drums, percussion, writing credit

4. Closely related projects

Jerry Paper & Easy Feelings Unlimited

BBNG served as the backing band on the 2016 record Toon Time Raw! by American musician Jerry Paper. They played under the pseudonym Easy Feelings Unlimited, and, aptly, are individually credited under pseudonyms as well; Whitty as "Chomps Louise," Sowinski as "Albert Sow, Jr.," Hansen as "Chuck Hands," and Tavares as "Baba Marty."

  • Toon Time Raw! – Bayonet Records 2016


Matty is a solo project of keyboardist Matthew Tavares which utilizes the other members of BBNG as a backing band. As of 2020, Tavares releases music under his full name and no longer uses the Matty moniker. As Matty, Tavares released multiple singles and one album:

  • Dejàvu – Matty Unlimited 2018

Arrangement Studio

Sowinski is part of the audio/visual design collective Arrangement Studio. Released exclusively on cassette, Sowinski produces experimental music under the collectives name, in collaboration with Leland Whitty and musician Duncan Hood.

  • Vol. 1 – self-released 2018

Of note, Sowinski and Whitty have also collaborated to score the 2019 Canadian independent film Disappearance at Clifton Hill.

Charlotte Day Wilson

BBNG served as the backing band on R&B musician Charlotte Day Wilsons sophomore EP and helped co-write and co-produce many of its tracks.

  • Stone Woman EP – self-released 2018


Homer is an indie rock band consisting of Tavares and longtime BBNG engineer Matt MacNeil.

  • Best New Music – self-released 2019

Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty

In March 2020, Whitty and Tavares released a collaborative jazz record under both of their names.

  • Visions – Mr Bongo 2020

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