ⓘ I-Land is a South Korean survival reality show organised by Belift, which is a joint venture between the entertainment companies CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertai ..


ⓘ I-Land

I-Land is a South Korean survival reality show organised by Belift, which is a joint venture between the entertainment companies CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment. It currently airs on cable channels, Mnet & TvN Korea, Mnet Japan, TvN Asia and online via Mnet Smart & AbemaTV, Joox and on Mnet K-pop & Big Hit Labels YouTube channels since June 26, 2020.


1. Concept

23 participants are transported to a complex called by the same name as the show title, the I-Land located in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a luscious green forest, for a total of 113 days. The participants will not only receive singing and dancing lessons, they will also live in the 3-floor complex, which features living spaces like the living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, gym, item room for storage, terrace, dance studio, individual practice rooms, medical center and colorful bedrooms; however, only 12 contestants can stay there. The remaining 11 will be on the" Ground”, which is a simple building with a dance studio and dining area, and the trainees assigned to the Ground do not live there, hence they have to commute to and from the building every day at set times. The two sections are connected through a gate and a stage, where their skills will be tested. A key part of the concept is that the participants’ votes play a heavy role in the show, as they decide through voting who will stay in I-Land and who will go down to the Ground. There will be no actual eliminations, but the final 12 contestants on the I-Land will debut, and the remaining who are still on the Ground will not debut. A fixed number of 12 trainees will be in the I-Land, but they may be dropped and demoted to the Ground and promptly be replaced by trainees from the Ground.

Namkoong Min serves as the official host, as well as the commentator/narrator of the program. The contestants are evaluated and judged by three producers: main producer Bang Si-hyuk, CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, South Korean singer Rain and rapper Zico, who are prominent figures in K-pop and K-hip hop of the early 21st century respectively. Rain and Zico will also act as mentors and train the participants.


2. System

Introduced in Episode 2, there is a system in place based on a scoring system out of 100. Each of the I-Landers are evaluated individually and given a score from 0-100. These scores are then displayed anonymously so that any particular individual’s score is unknown, and then averaged to get the team score. Based on the team score, a certain number of I-Landers will have to be moved to the Ground and be replaced.

In episode 2, a separate "teamwork" score was also given and factored into the overall average score.

A global voting system will be held on July 24, 2020 at 12AM KST on the Weverse app.

Team Score Results

Color key

  • Lowest score that round
  • Highest score that round




3.1. Missions 1. Entry test

Trainees that came together or alone must perform in this test. Every other contestant must raise their hands to judge whether they are worth to be on the I-LAND. If a trainee received 12 or more votes, they are allowed to be on the I-LAND. If not, they will be on the Ground. There is no limit to the count, but if there are more than 12 contestants after the whole test, the remaining contestants must pick one or more contestants to be moved out to the Ground until there are 12 contestants remaining.

Color key

  • Ground
  • I-Land
  • Moved Out

3.2. Missions 2. Theme song

Trainees begin their first official mission, with the theme of encounter and the trainees just getting to know each other. The contestants on the I-Land and the Ground must perform the shows theme song "Into The I-LAND". There are 12 parts in this song and each trainee must pick which part they want to perform. The I-Land contestants will be evaluated individually by the producers and directors, and the average score of all of them will correspond to the number of contestants needed to move out from the I-Land. The Ground contestants will each submit a performance video daily to be reviewed by the producers and directors to determine who will replace the eliminated contestants from the I-Land, but they will not have an actual performance on stage.

Lee Hee-seung was appointed the leader and the part 1 position by the contestants but later gave up both positions to Ni-ki. Rain evaluated their performance two days before their mission. The I-Landers received an average score of 59 from contestants individual scores and therefore have to choose 6 contestants to be moved out from the I-Land.

Color key

  • Contestant from the I-Land later moved to the Ground

3.3. Missions 3. Teamwork

Their second mission is designed to test and develop their teamwork. Both the I-Landers and the Grounders will perform a remix of "Fire" by BTS. They are given 6 days to prepare. The same scoring system will be used; however, the highest individual scorer in I-Land will be given a dropout exemption card, which can be used on any of the I-Landers, including himself. If the card is used, the next dropout candidate will automatically be eliminated. If there are no dropouts from I-Land in this round, the Grounders will not be able to perform at all.

Jay and Ni-ki became the leaders of the Grounders, while Hee-seung is the leader for the I-Landers. 2 days before the test, Rain and DOOBU evaluated the Grounders while Zico, Pdogg and Son Sung-deuk evaluated the I-Landers as a midpoint check. The I-Landers received a teamwork score of 80, but the exact average team score is unknown; however, it is confirmed that someone will be dropped out from the I-Land and the Grounders will perform.

  • Contestant that later moved from Ground to I-Land
  • Contestant that eventually stays in Ground
  • Contestant from I-Land that received the highest score thus received the dropout exemption card
  • Contestant that later moved from I-Land to Ground
  • Contestant that eventually stays in I-Land

4. Album

  • June 19, 2020 2020-06-19 - Into the I-LAND 〈I-LAND Part 1 Signal Song〉 IU
  • June 26, 2020 2020-06-26 - Into the I-LAND 〈I-LAND Part 1 Signal Song applicants ver.〉 I-LAND

5. Rating

In the ratings below, the highest rating for the show will be in red and the lowest rating for the show will be in blue. Some of the ratings found have already been rounded off to 1 decimal place, as they are usually of lower rankings in terms of the days ratings.

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