What is adenoma?

Adenoma is benign tumor of epithelial tissue with a glandlike structure.
follicular a. Benign tumor of the thyroid gland with pouch-like dilatations;
these may vary from small and rudimentary to large and cystic containing abundant colloid.
hepatic a. Tumor of the liver occurring most commonly in association with prolonged use of oral contraceptives and anabolic steroids; when occurring in pregnant women, it has a tendency to rupture, causing sudden pain and hemorrhage into the abdominal cavity.
hepatocellular a. See hepatic adenoma.
islet cell a. Tumor of the pancreas made up of tissue similar in structure to that of the islets of Langerhans.
null-cell a.’s Pituitary adenomas composed of cells that give negative results on tests for hormone secretion; some may contain functioning cells and may be associated with conditions caused by oversecretion of pituitary hormones.
pleomorphic a. See mixed tumor of salivary gland, under tumor.
sebaceous a. Tumor of the face made up of sebaceous glands appearing as a collection of reddish and yellowish papules; associated with mental deficiency.
tubular a. Benign, usually pedunculated, polyp of the colon mucosa; risk of its becoming cancerous correlates with size.
villous a. Benign, potentially malignant, tumor of the mucosa of the large intestine.

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