What is analysis?

Analysis are:

  • - 1. The separation of a substance into its simple constituents
  • - 2. Psychoanalysis.

decision a. Analysis that involves identifying all available choices for patient care, and the potential outcome of each choice. A model of the decision is plotted to represent the strategies available and to calculate the likelihood that each outcome will occur if a particular strategy is used.
Fourier a. A mathematical method of converting a function of time or space into a function of frequency; used in reconstruction of images in computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.
gastric a. Aspiration and study of the stomach contents; may be performed in the basal state, after a test meal, or after administration of a secretion-promoting agent.
gravimetric a. Determination by weight of the exact proportions of the components of a substance.
Northern blot a. Identification of RNA fragments that have been electrophoretically separated and transferred onto nitrocellular or other type of paper or nylon membrane. Specific RNA fragments can then be detected by radioactive probes.
qualitative a. Determination of the nature of the constituents of a substance.
quantitative a. Determination of the quantity, as well as the nature, of the components of a substance.
semen a. Examination of a semen sample to determine male fertility in an infertile marriage or to substantiate the success of vasectomy.
Southern blot a. A procedure for separating and identifying DNA sequences; DNA fragments are separated by electrophoresis and transferred onto a special filter on which specific fragments can then be detected by radioactive probes.
a. of variance A statistical method for comparing the means of multiple
variables to assess the influence of independent factors on the means, or to determine whether factors associated with any of the variables contribute to the variation.
volumetric a. Quantitative analysis by volume.
Western blot a. A method of identifying proteins or peptides that have been
electrophoretically separated and transferred onto nitrocellulose or nylon membrane. The blots are then detected by radiolabeled antibody probes.

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