What is arrest?

Arrest is to prevent or stop function, progress, growth, or motion.
cardiac a. Acute failure of the heart to provide adequate circulation to the brain and other vital organs.
cardioplegic a. The purposeful stopping of all cardiac activity in a patient so that operative procedures may be performed on the heart.
cardiopulmonary a. Failure of circulation and pulmonary ventilation.
deep hypothermic a. Stoppage of all cardiac activities by cooling of the heart.
sinus a. Condition in which the sinoatrial node of the heart fails to send impulses to the atria, resulting in a temporary cessation of cardiac contraction.

An arrest is the act of apprehending and taking a person into custody, usually because the person has been suspected of or observed committing a crime. After being taken into custody, the person can be questioned further and/or charged.…

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