What is assay?

Assay is analysis to determine the presence of a substance, its quantity, or its effects on an organism; a test; a trial.
enzyme-linked immunosorbent a. Blood test used to diagnose infectious
diseases. The antigen of interest is fixed to a solid - state immunosorbent and incubated in a medium containing a test antibody raised against the antigen; then a second incubation is conducted with an enzyme-tagged detector antibody raised against the test antibody; finally, a substrate is added, which is digested by the enzyme, producing a color that can be measured by spectrophotometry.
human zona binding a. A male fertility test to determine the ability of sperm to pass through, or bind to, the zona pellucida of the ovum; two sperm samples, one from a donor and one from the patient, are exposed to different portions of surgically removed zona pellucida from ovarian tissue.
immunoradiometric a. A form of radioimmunoassay in which radioactively labeled antibody is added directly to the antigen being measured.

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