What is band?

Band are:

  • - 1. Any appliance or structure that encircles or binds another
  • - 2. Any ribbon-shaped anatomic structure.

A b. The broad, dark band produced by the thick myosin filaments that traverse the central part of the sarcomere.
absorption b.’s Areas of darkness in the spectrum indicating the regions where light
was absorbed by the medium through which it passed.
amniotic b.’s Abnormal strands of tissue that sometimes develop between the fetus
and the sac containing the fetus, believed by some to cause fetal deformities.
anisotropic b. See A band.
chromosome b. Part of a chromosome distinguishable from adjacent segments by a
difference in staining intensity.
l b. A light band extending toward the center of the sarcomere from each Z line of the striated muscle fibers, composed of thin longitudinally oriented actin filaments.
isotropic b. See I band.
omphalomesenteric b. An abnormal band from the intestine to the navel; a remnant of the embryonic omphalomesenteric duct that failed to obliterate. It occasionally results in small bowel obstruction when intestines loop around it.
orthodontic b. A thin strip of metal closely encircling the crown of a tooth in a horizontal plane.
silastic b. See Falope ring, under ring.
Z b. See Z line, under line.

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