What is breast?

Breast are:

  • - 1. One of the two structures attached to the fascia covering the chest muscles. In the male, breasts are rudimentary; in the female, they are the organs of lactation. The adult female breast consists of fifteen to twenty glandular lobes and their ducts; fibrous tissue binding the glandular lobes; and fatty tissue in the spaces between the lobes; also present are blood vessels, nerves, and lymph vessels.

Multiple fibrous bands pass forward to the skin and nipple, forming the Cooper’s ligament for supporting the breast in its upright position. See also mammary gland, under gland

  • - 2. The chest.

accessory b. See polymastia.
keel b. See pectus carinatum, under pectus.
pigeon b. See pectus carinatum, under pectus.
supernumerary b. See polymastia.

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