What is burn?

Burn are:

  • - 1. To injure by fire, heat, or a chemical
  • - 2. The lesion thus produced.

brush b. Injury to the skin by friction of a rapidly moving object.
chemical b. A burn caused by a caustic agent.
first degree b. Reddening of skin without blistering; only epidermis is affected.
flash b. A burn caused by brief exposure to radiant heat of high intensity.
mat b. See brush burn.
radiation b. A burn due to overexposure to x rays, radium, ultraviolet rays, etc.
rope b. See brush burn.
second degree b. Blistering of skin; epidermis and dermis are involved.
third degree b. Destruction of full thickness of skin; may involve subcutaneous fat, muscle, and bone.

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