What is cast?

Cast are:

  • - 1. A rigid dressing, usually made of gauze and plaster of Paris, used for immobilization of a body part
  • - 2. A cylindrical solid material accumulated within a tubular structure of the body.

blood c. A cast composed of a thick material containing various elements of blood, formed in kidney tubules or in bronchioles and caused by bleeding into the structures.
cellular c. A renal cast containing red and white blood cells or epithelial cells.
epithelial c. A cast containing cells from the inner lining of the tubular structure in which it was formed.
fatty c. Urinary cast composed chiefly of fat globules with cholesterol esters.
granular c. A colorless renal cast composed of particles of cellular debris.
hyaline c. A relatively transparent urinary cast consisting mainly of precipitated protein.
mucous c. See cylindroid.
urinary c. A cast discharged in the urine.
waxy c. A light yellow cylinder with a tendency to split transversely, found in the urine
in cases of oliguria or anuria.
white blood cell c. A urinary cast composed of white blood cells; found in interstitial

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