What is catheter?

Catheter is a slender, usually flexible tube inserted into a body cavity to drain fluids or to introduce diagnostic or therapeutic agents.
angiographic c. A thin-walled catheter through which a contrast medium is introduced into the blood vessels of an organ for visual examination.
Fogarty c. A catheter having an inflatable balloon near the tip; used to remove thrombi from large veins and stones from the biliary ducts.
Foley c. An indwelling catheter equipped with a small balloon near the tip that can be inflated with air or liquid to retain the catheter in place, usually in the bladder.
indwelling c. Catheter designed to be held in position within a body cavity or passage.
pacing c. A catheter equipped with electrodes at the tip, passed into the right atrium or ventricle to function as a heart pacer.
pigtail c. A slender catheter with a coiled end to minimize the impact of the injected substance on the vessel wall.
Swan-Ganz c. A thin, soft catheter with a balloon at the end to measure pulmonary
arterial pressure; introduced into the basilic vein and carried by the bloodstream through the heart into a small artery in the lung.
two-way c. A twin-channeled catheter for irrigation.

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