What is chain?

Chain are:

  • - 1. In chemistry, a group of atoms bonded together in a linear fashion
  • - 2. In bacteriology, a group of microorganisms attached end-to-end.

closed c. A chain formed by atoms linked together in the shape of a ring.
heavy c., H c. A large polypeptide chain of the immunoglobulin molecule, linked to light chains by disulfide bonds.
J c. A polypeptide chain present in certain immunoglobulin molecules, particularly IgM and IgA, which allows them to form polymers.
light c., L c. Either of two small polypeptide chains, designated lambda and kappa, of the immunoglobulin molecule.
polypoptide c. A repeating peptide chain formed by amino acids, each of which
contributes an identical group to the backbone of the chain plus a distinguishing radical as a side group.

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