What is cisterna?

Cisterna is any dilatation or enclosed space serving as a reservoir for lymph or other body fluid.
c. chyli The triangular dilatation at the beginning of the thoracic duct, situated in front of the second lumbar vertebra; it receives two lumbar lymphatic trunks and the intestinal lymphatic trunk.
c. magna The large subarachnoid space between the oblongata and the under side of the cerebellum.
subarachnoid c. One of several intercommunicating spaces at the base of the brain
formed by the separation of the arachnoid from the pia mater.

A cisterna are all of the membrane bound sacs that could be found in both the Golgi apparatus and in the Endoplasmic Reticulum. Cisterna are an integral part of the packaging and modification processes of proteins occurring in the Golgi.…

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