What is count?

Count are:

  • - 1. To list one by one in order to calculate a total
  • - 2. The formulation of a total obtained by examining a sample.

Arneth c. The percentage of distribution of polymorphonuclear neutrophils according to the number of lobes their nuclei contain.
blood c. The number of red or white blood cells in 1 mm3 of blood. The determination of these numbers.
CD4/CD8 c. The ratio of helper-inducer T lymphocytes to cytotoxic-suppressor T lymphocytes; used to monitor for signs of rejection of organ transplants and to gauge progression of HIV infection to AIDS. In healthy individuals, the ratio ranges between 1.6 and 2.2.
complete blood c. One usually composed of a hemoglobin determination, a hematocrit, a red blood cell count, a white blood cell count, and a differential white blood cell count.
differential blood c. The percentage of various types of white blood cells in a specific
volume of blood.
Schilling’s blood c. A differential blood count in which the polymorphonuclear
leukocytes are separated into four groups according to the number and arrangement of nuclear segments in the cells.

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