What is curve?

Curve are:

  • - 1. A line that deviates from a straight course in a smooth, continuous, nonangular manner
  • - 2. A line representing plotted data on a graph.

distribution c. A curve in which the number of individuals is plotted along the
ordinate and the property under investigation is plotted along the abscissa.
dose-response c., dose-effect c. Graphic representation of a curve showing the relationship between a dose of a chemical or ionizing radiation and its influence on a biological process.
dye-dilution c. A curve indicating the serial concentrations of a dye.
frequency c. A curve representing an approximation of the rate of occurrences of a periodic event.
probability c. See frequency curve.
Starling c. A curve indicating cardiac output against atrial pressure.
strength-duration c. A curve indicating the relationship between the intensity of an electrical stimulus and the time it must flow to be effective.
stress-strain c. A curve showing the ratio of deformation to load during testing of a material under tension.

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