What is dysostosis?

Dysostosis is defective bone formation.
cleidocranial d. Autosomal dominant inheritance marked by partial or complete absence of the collarbones and delay in ossification of the skull, often with underdeveloped facial bones, and defective teeth.
craniofacial d. An autosomal dominant inheritance characterized by a wide skull, widely separated eyes, undersized upper jaw, beaked nose, and exophthalmos.
mandibulofacial d. Hereditary abnormalities of the palpebral fissures, mandible and zygomatic bones, and lower lids, with malposition and malocclusion of teeth, low-set malformed ears, and high or cleft palate; called Franceschetti’s syndrome when complete, and Treacher Collins’ syndrome when partial.
d. multiplex See Hurler’s syndrome.

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