What is junction?

Junction are:

  • - 1. A joint or articulation
  • - 2. The line of union of two parts or surfaces.

anorectal j. The region where the rectum ends and the anal canal begins, in front of, and slightly below the tip of the coccyx.
cementodentinal j. The surface at which the cementum and dentin of a root of a tooth
cementoenamel j. The line around a tooth where the enamel of its crown and the cementum of its root meet.
conjunctivocorneal j. The area of the eye, at the limbus, where the fibrous membrane
of the conjunctiva ends and only the epithelium continues centrally to cover the cornea.
costochondral j. The point of articulation between the sternal end of a rib and the lateral end of its cartilage.
dentinoenamel j. The surface at which the dentin and the enamel of the crown of a tooth meet.
esophagogastric j. The junction of the esophagus and the stomach. Also called cardioesophageal junction.
gap j. Intercellular space containing channels which connect adjacent cells; seen between certain nerve cells; and in cardiac and smooth muscles.
J j. The point at the end of the QRS complex of the electrocardiogram and the beginning of the ST segment.
mucocutaneous j. The area of transition from a mucous membrane to the epidermis.
myotendinal j. The region between the end of the muscle fibers and their tendinous
neuromuscular j. The area of contact between the motor nerve and the muscle; the end of the nerve broadens into an end-plate that fits into a depression in the skeletal muscle fiber.
sclerocorneal j. See limbus of cornea, under limbus.
tight j. An annular junction around the apices of epithelial cells, present at sites requiring a barrier to diffusion through the intercellular space; at the junction, the membranes are in firm contact, obliterating the space between them and thereby creating a barrier to the movement of molecules.
ureteropelvic j. The site at which the funnel-shaped renal pelvis ends and the ureter begins; may be marked by a slight constriction.

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