What is zinc?

Zinc is a malleable and ductile metallic element; symbol Zn, atomic number 30, atomic weight 65.38.
z. carbonate A white amorphous powder with mild astringent properties; chief constituent of calamine lotion.
z. chloride A water-soluble caustic powder, ZnCl; used locally to destroy tissues.
z. ointment A compound made of 20% zinc oxide with beeswax and petrolatum; used as a salve.
z. oxide A white powder, ZnO, insoluble in water; a mild astringent and antiseptic incorporated in ointments, lotions, and dusting powders; used to prevent sunburn and to treat skin disorders; the main ingredient of calamine lotion.
z. oxide and augenol Compound used widely as a base material beneath tooth
restorations, a temporary filling, an impression paste, and root canal filling; also used as a hardening agent for demineralized dentin.
z. peroxide A yellowish powder, ZnO, insoluble in water; used as a wash for oral infections and to disinfect, deodorize, and promote healing of wound infections.
z. sulfate White water-soluble powder, used in solution as an eyewash to treat mild eye
irritations and as a lotion to treat skin diseases and infections.

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