What is zone?

Zone is any area or space with specific characteristics.
ciliary z. The peripheral region of the anterior surface of the iris.
comfort z. A range of environmental temperature in which the body heat is maintained in equilibrium, without sweating or shivering; 28° to 30°C for the naked body and 13° to 21°C for the clothed body.
erogenous z., erotogenic z. An area of the body which on appropriate stimulation
produces sexual sensations.
extravisual z. The anterior portion of the retina outside the visual zone; it is too far forward for images to fall upon it.
functional z. See functional layer of endometrium, under layer.
Golgi z. The portion of the cytoplasm, near the cell nucleus, that contains the Golgi apparatus; in a secretory cell it is the area between the nucleus and the luminal side of the cell through which expulsion of the secretion takes place.
visual z. The area of the retina that receives light rays passing through the center of the pupil without any significant spherical aberration.
optical z. of cornea The central third of the cornea of the eye.
pupillary z. The central region of the anterior surface of the iris, around the pupil.
transformation z. Area surrounding the external opening of the uterine cervix, between the columnar epithelium of the cervical canal and the squamous epithelium of the vaginal portion of the cervix; it changes in response to hormonal action and is the area in which cervical intraepithelial neoplasia usually develops.
transitional z

  • - 1. The region of the lens of the eye where the anterior epithelial capsule

cells develop into the fibers that constitute the lens substance

  • - 2. The border of a scleral contact lens that joins the scleral and corneal sections.

z.’s of discontinuity Concentric zones of varying optical density seen in the lens of the eye with the aid of the slit lamp.

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